Why The SLINK Coin Is Different from the Other Coins

SLINK LABS is a token incubator company that provides developers and individuals the opportunity to apply and get help with funding, marketing and development of their token ideas. SLINK LABS was founded by a team of ambitious, like-minded individuals with a vision to create tokens in various blockchains that existed under the same umbrella. The team intends to make investing safe and significantly educate the public about the cryptocurrency space, now that there is a massive number of developers and investors of cryptocurrencies.

The token company has set innovation at its center stage with projects targeting to lure more investors on board. SLINK LABS guarantees projects tailored around novelty, utility, and being innovative. 

SLINK is a brand that represents a bundle of tokens that generate revenue. Having the SLINK token is similar to owning a stock of a company. The coin shares similar attributes on all the networks they are present in. Unlike other coins, SLINK LABS don’t look to reinvent the wheel. Their focus lies in positive expected value investments in the smart contract ecosystem. The revenue-generating concept will ensure the development of the team’s interest while attracting short-term and long-term speculative investors to jump on board.

Though still in its early stages of development, SLINK is regarded as one of the safest tokens on the market. It typically represents the SLINK LABS with the buyback mechanism serving as a dividend to all their SLINK token holders. Its uniqueness comes from the fact that SLINK LABS is not limited to any community price action. Instead, SLINK prices are governed by the revenue they generate across all tokens under SLINK LABS.

As a uniquely designed token to guarantee the safety of your investment, the SLINK coin shares some exceptional attributes in the industry. It has 4% holder redistribution features offering consistent flexibility. The 6-7% for buyback of SLINK Labs guarantee to reduce the risks. SLINK also features locked liquidity, 1-2% marketing with a renounced ownership.

As an investor, you will be assured of numerous benefits with SLINK. Risks emanating from speculative investments are a significant concern for all investors. In the project, SLINK LABS significantly reduced these risks to give investors peace of mind. Their review process considers all the risks involved with a specific project, and if there are any, they will promptly convey the information to the project’s potential investor.

The token’s ability to independently generate revenue is a true game-changer. This is a unique feature and the token’s main value proposition. SLINK is not entirely reliant on the community price action of a single token. It’s relatively simple; as long as SLINK LABS is operational, SLINK projects will generate revenue.

As well as investors, applicants enjoy their share of benefits. As an applicant, you have access to corporate management without a KYC. SLINK LABS has made it possible for everyone to have the opportunity to receive crucial marketing, banking, and development help, giving you the space to focus on what you do best. The experienced SLINK team is knowledgeable on both the front and back-end development services and offers the best growth services in all aspects. In addition, the 1-2% marketing feature is actualized by a vibrant team of influences, platforms, and services, helping you market yourself in the market.

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