YehYeh Review: Time to Tap on This Bold Product!

What is YehYeh?

YehYeh is the latest in the line of NFC tags. For those unfamiliar with NFC tags, NFC, or near-field communication, is a very simple way to transfer data between devices by a quick tap or touch. It is a flat circle that you put on the back of your phone. YehYeh reviews confirm it is simple and easy to set up and you can connect to other people in seconds. Whether you need to send videos, photos, files or even make payments, it’s easy to do. And it is the perfect way to share anything through your social media. YehYeh is a little tag you put on the back of your phone so you can share everything you want just by tapping your phone to a compatible device.

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How does YehYeh work?

YehYeh is so easy to use. YehYeh reviews agree saying all you have to do is tap the device to the back of somebody’s phone and they get all the information you want them to see on their screen. It’s a lifesaver if you want to pass information quickly. If you want to share a link quickly with someone else, rather than having to send it through text or WhatsApp, using this tag, you select the image or file you want and tap someone else’s phone- the file goes directly to them!

Where do I put my YehYeh?

Compatible with most devices, the best place to get the benefit of YehYeh depends on the device.

For iPhones, and most Androids, put YehYeh on the bottom of the phone. If you place it at the top, it will set off your phone’s reader constantly!

For Galaxies or Notes, place the YehYeh at the top of your phone by your camera.

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Does the other person need a YehYeh tag or app to get my info?

The great thing about a YehYeh is that the other person doesn’t need a tag or app to get your information- you can connect your social media to anybody without all the frustrating passwords and apps.

Does YehYeh work if placed under the phone case?

YehYeh reviews confirm it will work through 99.9% of phone cases, even ones that hold credit cards, making it so easy to use. However, if your case has a layer of metal, this will stop the tag from working.

What do you need to use YehYeh?

All you need is the tag and the app and you are good to go! Using the tag is straightforward and easy to set up, and it connects with your apps straight away.

Which phones is YehYeh compatible with?

It is compatible with pretty much all phones. For iPhones, the iPhone 7, 7+, 8, 8+, X, XR, XS, XS Max, 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, SE, 12, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max and all future iPhones are compatible with YehYeh.

YehYeh is compatible with all Android Smartphones released after 2012, so most likely you have one of those.

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Who is YehYeh good for?

The short answer is: everyone! All YehYeh reviews are varied, whether you are a student, entrepreneur, influencer, athlete or model, it is great for people who need to network and send information quickly to leave a lasting impression.

Why is YehYeh a better option to share your social media accounts?

Social media, in some circles, isn’t so professional. When it comes to tags, this great device covers a lot of ground. YehYeh can be used by anyone in any industry to instantly share a customized, all in one social profile to anyone they meet via Instagram for influencers, or LinkedIn for budding entrepreneurs.

Where can I buy YehYeh?

Available online, you can buy your YehYeh right now, and have it delivered to your door in a matter of days.

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YehYeh Pros and Cons

It is a great little device for anyone to use in life, to make everything easier and swift. But naturally, there are numerous pros and cons, not just with the device itself, but the idea of using a tag can mean sending information to the wrong person… 


●     It is easy to use, there is no need to purchase expensive add-ons. The tag is all you need.

●     Great for authentication, making life easy for anyone in a hurry.

●     Really convenient as users to combine components from their wallet and phone to reduce any sort of transaction which can save a lot of time in the store. Just get your device out and information is transferred instantly.

●     Reliable data transfer rates due to the close range between the tag and recipient. It is quick and saves you having to find a contact on WhatsApp or pair devices using Bluetooth.

●     Really energy-efficient for the user who worries about their battery dying. NFC tags consume less power than other types and don’t require manual pairing like Bluetooth.

●     Secure for users who don’t want their credit card details shown in public. 


●     You could accidentally send your info to someone you don’t want. And we’ve all sent a text to the wrong person before!

●     The read range requires devices to be close. So it is not suitable for fast-paced, complex applications that need multiple tags to be read at the same time.

Final Verdict

There’s a lot of YehYeh reviews, all of them very positive which means there’s a lot of good things to consider about this device. While there are other uses for NFC technology, this one will surely revolutionize the way we interact with people. For those that know how to take advantage of this bold product, it will be a lifesaver.

Whether you want to network quickly or just pass information on to a friend you can use YehYeh without any issue. It’s now time to “tap” upon this bold product and make the leap to tag heaven!

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