Yes No Tarot: Quick Answer to Your Question (Ask NOW!)

Look for an insightful answer and guidance on any matter? With yes no tarot, you will find straightforward advice to your questions quickly. This kind of tarot reading is quite popular to individuals having no time for a full-length session. For a yes no tarot response, you can use yes or no wheel tarot calculator online or sign up from reputable psychic networks. When it comes to spiritual services, it’s a must to focus on the peace of mind and what you think you need to know.

In today’s article, I’m going to give you a full guide about yes no tarot readings that I really want to share. The tarot deck includes 78 cards, and each will tell you yes or no answers depending on your current circumstance and questions. From symbols to meanings, they surely help you find the most accurate guidance you are looking for.

Why should you talk to a yes or no fortune teller specializing in tarot?

Once the cards are interpreted, you will gain an in-depth understanding of not only your present but also your past and future. Versatile and profound, no wonder tarot is a popular choice in resolving issues like love, relationships, career, finances, and other aspects of life. Make use of tarot guidance and advice and you will find yourself one step closer to the ultimate happiness.

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Determine Suitable Yes No Tarot Cards for Yourself

How can you pick yes no tarot cards that suit yourself?

You want to have a quick yes no tarot answer? First think about the question you want to ask and draw a single card. This totally can be done at home – spreading the tarot deck on the table and pick one randomly, or making a plain shuffle and cut. Now is the most important part, it’s determining the yes or no answer. If you don’t do a yes no tarot spread, then they key is to focus on your own positivity or negativity associated with the card. For basic information about yes or no tarot list, visit and start your journey.

Once you understand the meaning behind every tarot card, you can easily tell that Six of Wands means a ‘yes’ while Ten of Swords delivers a ‘no’. It’s simple to find out cards with yes or no answers.

However, things become more complicated with neutral cards; this means they are neither negative nor positive in nature. In this case, professional tarot readers reveal that there are two ways to discover what hidden behind those cards. The first way is that telling yourself an accurate answer to your question is not available. Perhaps those neutral cards are unable to find the solution for the situation at the moment. It’s possible because your destiny is not set in stone and tarot cards can’t guarantee the definitive future.

For the second way, let’s have a look at the neutral card that you got when thinking about your question. Then get help from the yes or no oracle definitions and you will enable to determine the outcome. This method requires you to work with the nature of the question and how it relates to the card and your intuition.

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Yes or No Tarot List for Readings

Here you will find my own list of yes no tarot cards, based on my experience and knowledge. Keep in mind that it is not fixed; instead, depending on the subject altering, some cards will deliver different answers. Aside from those flexible and fluid, there are still others never change the meaning.

FoolAce of CupsDeathHigh Priestess
MagicianTwo of CupsDevilEmperor
EmpressThree of CupsTowerHierophant
LoversSix of CupsMoonHermit
ChariotNine of CupsFive of WandsJustice
StrengthTen of CupsSeven of WandsHanged Man
Wheel of FortunePage of CupsTen of WandsFour of Cups
TemperanceKnight of CupsFive of CupsSeven of Cups
StarQueen of CupsEight of CupsTwo of Swords
SunKing of CupsThree of SwordsFour of Swords
JudgmentAce of SwordsFive of SwordsSix of Swords
WorldPage of SwordsSeven of SwordsQueen of Swords
Ace of WandsKnight of SwordsEight of SwordsKing of Swords
Two of WandsAce of PentaclesNine of SwordsTwo of Pentacles
Three of WandsThree of PentaclesTen of SwordsSeven of Pentacles
Four of WandsSix of PentaclesFour of Pentacles
Six of WandsEight of PentaclesFive of Pentacles
Eight of WandsNine of Pentacles
Nine of WandsTen of Pentacles
Page of WandsPage of Pentacles
Knight of WandsKnight of Pentacles
Queen of WandsQueen of Pentacles
King of WandsKing of Pentacles

one card yes or no tarot reading will come with insightful predictions and guidance answering your question. For clarity, you need to state what you want to ask clearly and smoothly. It’s better to prepare those in the paper so that you may feel easier at the beginning. Once the reading starts, your reader will interpret your chosen card after listening to your yes no question. Their answer is very helpful to individuals seeking guidance in the moment of pressing circumstances.

Make an Effective Yes No Fortune Teller Tarot Question

Don’t know how to ask a good yes no tarot question?

If you make a good preparation with the question, you will be able to get a glimpse of your true self as well as your inner feelings through the tarot card. But of course tarot can tell you deeper than that. Sometimes, not just a positive or negative answer, you will even obtain a different outcome to your yes or no question. Tarot is a tool full of nuance; therefore, it’s understandable if one single card can reveal many different shades to your answer, as you can learn more in how to get a daily tarot reading.

If you ask the yes or no oracle a positive question and you got the Fool:

  • Is my current partner’s presence in my life good for me?
  • Will my boyfriend stay forever?
  • Will I get the promotion or my desired job?

You can totally feel the positive vibe from these questions because it brings positive energy. The answer is a yes to each from the first time asking. Nonetheless, once we ask something that sounds negative, how will it be? Below, I give examples of same questions by from the negative perspective:

  • Is my current partner’s presence in my life bad for me?
  • Will my boyfriend leave me?
  • Will I lose the promotion or my desired job?

Take advantage of the yes no list above and you will find that sometimes a negative question still delivers a yes answer because the Fool is a positive card.

In case you draw Three of Swords for those questions, you will see the change in the answer as that tarot card means a no. Interestingly, if you ask the same thing in a negative way, then it’s now clearly a yes. According to tarot experts, when we solve a matter from different angles, the answer will be influenced and alter. The thing is that whether you ask your questions positively or negatively, the Three of Swords card basically offers same ideas: it’s not really a good card, be prepared.

Only if asking an effective and specific question, you can achieve accurate yes no responses from tarot. You may find the whole content seems confusing and complicated, but the benefits a tarot reading is huge. The visual and comprehensive guidance gained from these cards can change your life better. But the first thing before making use of the yes no tarot service is to focus on what you really want to know.

What are Yes No Oracle Questions to Avoid?

Aside from preparing good questions before a tarot reading session, you need to know which one you have to avoid. In most cases, those questions start with ‘SHOULD’ – it’s believed that the ‘should’ inquiries incorporate actions and permission to act.

  • Should I buy that house?
  • Should I get back with my ex?
  • Should I talk to my boss about my promotion?

Keep in mind that tarot is a tool helping you find the right solution and confidence to solve the problem on your own. No matter if it’s upright or reversed, each card provides the guides. When you ask a ‘should’ question, it’s like you ask for permission to act and tarot surely encourages you to do what you want. Everything is smooth; however, you then realize that it’s not really the thing you desire deep down and now you’ve committed to it. After all, that kind of question can’t help you better your current circumstance.

So, that’s why I remind you to think about your choices properly and make a list of precise questions before seeking permission and advice. Never blame others just because the result is not what you expected. The core to the accuracy of a tarot reading is you and only you.

Sometimes truths hurt and the reality is harsh, but it’s better to be honest. If you ask tarot help for clarity and insight, then don’t feel your mind with delusions all the time. It only causes confusion and generates negativity during the process. Thus, it’s significant to remain objective and think about things you truly want to do. Don’t ask for permission from the spiritual force when it’s your free will in charge of that.

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4 Common Types of Yes No Tarot Spread

When it comes to yes or no tarot readings, it’s all about making decisions. How to get your yes no questions answered? If you are looking for tarot advice to better your life, the best option is interpreting yes no tarot spread. There are some common layouts in the following that can help finding yes or no to any of your questions.

One reading with a particular spread will make it easier to understand tarot cards’ meaning so that you can come up with a wiser decision for yourself. Not complicated at all, these short spreads play the role of translating each card and shed light into the aspect that you want to have an insight. Based on positions of the cards in the spread, you will get productive guidance instead of flat yes or no answers.

Knowing your need, I suggest some helpful spreads that not only give a definitive outcome but also offer actionable insights. Take advantage of all the subtle hints in every tarot card and step forward. Extremely flexible, my spreads can work with less than 3 cards; nevertheless, you should set up a layout with at least 3 cards to earn as much details as possible. Using many cards in the reading will of course convey one a lot of information.

Check out recommended short spreads here:

1. Mind, body, and spirit spread

  • Card 1: Your mind
  • Card 2: Your body
  • Card 3: Your spirit

For individuals wanting a boost in confidence with a ‘Should I’ question, this is a helpful spread to use. Each card will accurately point out what you indeed crave for as well as dream about. All 3 cards indicate 3 main aspects of you mentally, physically, and spiritually. Together they will create a big, complete picture making you realize what you need to do to bring balance to yourself.

As soon as you feel empowered and enlightened from deep within, you will be able to make decisions confidently.

2. Scenarios spread

  • Card 1: Positive meaning
  • Card 2: Negative meaning
  • Card 3: Guidance

What is the scenarios yes or no tarot spread?

People usually ask for yes no tarot help when they are anxious and are in need of quick answers for their pressing issues. This is the spread capable of healing one’s mind and eliminating any kind of anxiety. Each card in a different position will send you to different scenarios in which you can look back at what happened and face against challenges directly.

With this spread, you will find strength in tarot cards and learn to confront your fear. It’s only terrifying if you keep running away. Sometimes take courage and you will find that it’s not so scary like you always think. In addition, tell yourself that not all of your dreams are good for you.

3. Supporting or opposing factors spread

  • Card 1: Supporting factors
  • Card 2: Opposing factors
  • Card 3: Solutions

This three card tarot spread is one of the most useful spreads in the list and it’s often used in my own practice. Referring to yes or no questions, it’s either white or black. Here the spread will divide your 3 chosen cards into 3 positions, and two of them will discuss supporting and opposing factors. The last card will provide you insights about that you need to do improve the circumstance. Whatever your problem is, this yes no tarot spread will solve any kind of yes or no questions effectively.

In case you are curious about what will help later, please note that this card can be expanded. Simple draw other cards from the deck if you need more than a yes or no response.

4. Getting a successful outcome spread

  • Card 1: The present
  • Card 2: Steps to achievement
  • Card 3: The ultimate goal

Along with love and relationships, career is also another aspect asked a lot by the querents. Many trying out the yes no wheel tarot claim that lots of yes or no questions revolve around achieving a certain goal.

When you ask: “Will I get a promotion”, it’s clearly that your desire is getting the promotion professionally. With this spread, you can gain a glimpse into where you are standing currently and practical steps to push you closer to success. For more details about your ultimate goal, simply expand the layout.

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How to Do a Yes No Wheel Tarot Reading?

Whether you hate it or love it, there will be a day you ask a yes or question (well, perhaps you already did). Want to learn tarot card reading? How to do a tarot reading? If you are not a tarot pro, you’re still able to give yourself a yes no reading with these simple ways below. Of course you can get legit help from tarot readers online but make sure you do careful research.

For you all who want to do a yes no tarot reading, don’t miss this section. But first, please answer this question: “Should you do a yes no tarot reading?”

Yes, No, or Maybe

Start the session with shuffling your tarot deck. Then trust your intuition, arrange and divide it into three piles without using the yes or no list above – the first pile includes all the cards carrying the yes meaning, the second pile will have all the no cards, and the last one is the maybe cards.

Place all 3 piles on the table from left to right (yes, no, and maybe) and draw one card. Next, read the interpretation for your birth tarot card to know the exact meaning. For example, the answer will be a safe yes if the card you pick is the Sun. In case you have the Tower, get ready because it’s a big no. Or when you find yourself flip over the Seven of Cups, tell yourself that it’s the maybe card.

My tip here is that you should determine your personal list of yes or no tarot cards before doing a reading. If not, then you will be prone to change the answer to what you’d like to hear. Guess what? Creating your own list helps strengthen the connection of you and your tarot deck. For those who are busy, then you can make use of my tarot card meanings list mentioned earlier.

Favorable or Unfavorable

If you don’t want to divide into yes or no tarot cards like the first method, then check through every card and cut all into two piles. Place the cards that make you feel safe and comfortable to the first pile – they are your favorable cards; on the other hand, those in the second pile are your unfavorable cards.

Interpreting Yes/No Tarot Cards

Sometimes yes and no answers are interpreted as a conditional part of your current circumstance.

What does it mean actually?

For example, you want to know if you will get a house this year and the card you pick is the Seven of Pentacles. This is a maybe card and seems promising. The answer will be a yes if you continue working hard and put much effort in saving money. You goal will be achieved easily if you know how to make changes in your life effectively.

What if the card you draw is the Tower or Three of Wands? Obviously the answer for these two cards is no. When you any of them, remind yourself that this moment is not the right time to buy a new house. Plus the meaning will help you understand the situation better and make another decision.

Please remember:

  • Don’t ask the question that you don’t want to hear the answer
  • Be as much specific as possible with your question
  • Avoid questions that you’re aware they will bring negative outcomes
  • Don’t keep drawing additional cards if you don’t like the answer

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The Bottom Line

In general, yes no tarot reading is a crucial part of your daily routine. One session per day will give you a chance to look back your thoughts and all decisions you made. It’s essential for self-reflection and self-development.

What I love most about this kind of reading is that it can ease your stress and anxiety in a moment. We tend to build up pressure and insecure feelings day and day; however, it’s not good for your physical and mental health. The guidance from the yes or no reading will clear all doubts and bring peace to your mind.

You can also try out tarot cards prediction to gain insights about your future.

Go through and you will discover more informative details about tarot readings and yes no meanings for each tarot card. Click and get yourself lightened up and re-energized.

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