You asked: Serene Tree delivers CBD and Delta 8 THC

Welcome to the Serene Tree Hemp Family, a California-based online CBD and Delta-8 weed store supplying high-quality edibles, flower, cartridges, tinctures and creams.

As CBD products are gaining in popularity, many consumers are unsure as to what CBD is exactly, how to use it, what the benefits are and how to avoid getting stoned out of your mind.

Don’t worry — CBD, which stands for cannabidiol, unlike THC, is non-psychoactive, meaning it doesn’t get you high or cause any discernible mind-altering effects. That being said, what CBD lacks in recreational value, it more than makes up for with myriad possible physiological effects that have made CBD a popular choice as the main ingredient in a variety of supplements on the market.

With so many options for consuming CBD, consumers have a variety of enjoyable methods to choose from and Serene Tree offers so many tasty and fascinating varieties of each type, from tinctures to CBD-infused capsules or edibles, CBD topicals or even smoking CBD flowers, a currently trending option, according to representatives.

Serene Tree was founded in 2019 by a crew of like-minded people committed to becoming the number one source for high quality, locally sourced and produced, hemp, CBD and Delta-8 products.
“We were friends, some are local growers who were looking for alternative sources for their product, and we wanted to control what we were using and what others are using,” said Maxfield Hulker, head of operations at Serene Tree.

Locally-sourced and hand-batched to ensure the highest quality, the company is committed to transparency as well as affordable prices in all their merchandise, along with a dedication to educating consumers via informative blogs and YouTube videos, Serene Tree’s online store offers plenty of intriguing options for every type of consumer.
Delta-8 THC gummies, flower, cartridges and vapeables are the latest trend in cannabis merchandise and Serene Tree is proud to offer top-notch varieties on their website.

“We are always investing in new products,” Hulker said, including Serene Tree’s latest line of Delta 8 THC, a cannabinoid which exists naturally in cannabis plants but in very small concentrates, making it a popular alternative to Delta 9 THC.

So while CBD doesn’t offer that “mind-altering” sensation found in other cannabis products, combined with Delta 8 THC, CBD users experience the same relaxing or calming effect along with a slight weed high, making it a great fit for those want the high commonly associated with cannabis products as well as relief from several medical ailments. CBD also comes with almost no proven side effects; and any minimal ones that do pop up are mild and short lasting.

Serene Tree also offers a CBD and Delta 8 THC wholesale and distribution program featuring their 100% American-made products, Hulker said.
Featuring their finest products ranging from CBD and Delta 8 oils, vapes, isolate-based vape juice, gummies, premium hemp flower, chocolates, health and beauty products and much more, according to company representatives.

Basically, if you need Delta 8 or CBD for your shop, there’s a great chance Serene Tree can provide it in the quantity you want “and at a price you’ll love,” representatives said.

Those who qualify for the Serene Tree CBD wholesale program will have access to a wide selection of brands, a huge catalog of products meant to maximize company margins and products made with the best ingredients on earth to ensure customer satisfaction is through the roof, officials said.

Let Serene Tree be your one-stop-shop for CBD and Delta 8 THC inventory by visiting the website, filling out the contact form, representatives said. Information will be sent out including great deals on bulk buys and extremely fast shipping to fit individual companies’ customers’ needs.

No matter what your company’s cannabis needs, wants or desires, consumers looking to score premium hemp, CBD and Delta-8 products are welcomed to the Serene Tree Hemp Family by friendly and knowledgeable staffers eager to help everyone navigate the astounding array of possibilities at the online weed shop.

From dedicated stoners to working professionals, stay-at-home parents, work-from-home employees or baby boomers to retirees, if you are seeking to score premium hemp, CBD and Delta-8 products, Serene Tree’s online weed store offers the finest edibles, flower, cartridges, tinctures and creams, along with CBD hand sanitizers.
Visit for details and ordering.

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