YouTube Basics: How to Create a YouTube Video & Get It Seen

By Hannah Warren

YouTube has become incredibly popular in the past decade. Today, a vast majority of people look to YouTube for their daily dose of entertainment, and it has also become the second biggest search engine on the planet. When you have a question, you can find someone talking you through your problem, or showing you how to fix it. There’s a huge amount of opportunity on YouTube to find fame, to make money, or to market your business. 

The biggest hurdle for most is getting started. In this guide, we’ll cover the basics of how you can create your first videos and how to advertise your YouTube video. 

How to Create a YouTube Video: 6 Easy Steps 

Step 1: Pick your niche – the first step is to have a good idea about what topics you are going to cover on your channel. Don’t get too stuck on this hurdle, as you’ll likely refine your niche as you start getting views and understand what it is your viewers want. 

Step 2: Sign up for YouTube and create your account if you haven’t already. You can find a step-by-step guide from Google here

Step 3: Plan your video – depending on your niche, this may be as simple as getting out your camera or phone and filming yourself talking about a topic, or talking to other people to arrange what you’re going to do. Try to keep it simple for your first videos so you can create them relatively easily. Focus on packing them with value and give viewers a reason to keep watching. 

Step 4: Film or create your video – this is as simple as it sounds! Film your video or put together the slides and stock images and video you need for your video. If the latter, record the voice over, too. 

Step 5: Edit and polish. Edit your video, add transitions, stock music, and anything else your video needs for you to feel ready to upload it. 

Step 6: Upload your video. This is fairly intuitive on YouTube but if you need a step-by-step guide, click here

How to Advertise Your YouTube Video: 5 Ways  

  1. Make sure you optimize the video data: make sure your video title gets the right attention. Use buzz and power words, use them in your descriptions, and make sure everything that surrounds your video gives people a reason to take notice. 
  2. Create an attention-grabbing thumbnail image: when you’re browsing through videos or your subscriptions, what do you look at? The thumbnail. Make sure your thumbnail stands out and intrigues people who see it. 
  3. Buy YouTube views: Those early views when you release a video are incredibly important. If you get an influx of views when your video first releases, it will show the YouTube algorithms that your video is worth watching and it will show it to more people. When you buy YouTube views, it will give you that initial boost so you can get more organic traffic. 
  4. Run a contest: everyone loves an opportunity to win. A great way to get more views and subscriptions is to run a niche-specific contest or giveaway. 
  5. Refer your viewers to other videos: make sure you link your videos together. You can ask at the end of your video, refer to other videos in your videos, on the link cards, and link to them in your description. 

We live in an increasingly pay-to-play world, and the days of getting organic traffic just for being on a platform are gone. Today, we need to do everything we can to ensure we get the views and organic traffic that will help our channels grow. As we talked about above, one of the best ways to ensure you get off to a good start is to get those early views, and one of the best way to do this is to buy YouTube views. 

That’s exactly what we can do for you to get your videos the start they need. You can buy YouTube views for as little as $3 and get 500 real YouTube views in just 24 hours. These views will get your video noticed by the YouTube algorithms so it starts showing them to other users. When you’re video is ready to publish, make sure you get youtube views so you get them in tandem with your video going live. Of course, if you have an older video that’s not getting the attention it deserves, purchasing views is a great way give it more traction. 

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