Yes, It's Still the Haight

You may not be able to find Janis herself roaming the Haight these days, but you can find:

Solar-Powered Bobble Heads (by Tomy)
Where: Giant Robot
How much: $16-$18

Camouflage Padded Bra (by Rosa)
Where: New York Apparel
How much: $5

Tibetan bowls
Where: Tibet Styles
How much: $45 and up

Nihilist Chewing Gum (by Accoutrements)
Where: Cheap Thrills
How much: $1.09

Murano glass rings
Where: So Good Jewelry
How much: $2.99-$19.99

Psychedelic Summer of Love Skateboards
Where: FTC
How much: $37

Pressed Flower Handmade Jewelry by Jessica Mendels
Where: Offbeat on Haight
How much: $45-$100

Two-Hosed Life Aquatic Fish Tank Hookah by Hookah Town
Where: Pipe Dreams
How much: $109

Happy Feet Love Tie-Dye Socks
Where: Positively Haight
How much: $10

Deltatone Tele HB Guitar with “Weed Caster”
Where: Haight Ashbury Music Center
How much: $249.99

“Operation: Let's Bomb Some Shit” T-shirt by Headline Shirts
Where: Villains
How much: $32

Black Tights Decorated With Pot Leaves by Look of London
Where: Piedmont Boutique
How much: $24

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