Activists Project ‘Abolish ICE’ on the S.F. Federal Building

There's another projection planned for tonight, in protest of the Muslim ban.

Perhaps in anticipation of the horrible news day to come, activists from Resistance SF — the same people who brought us the ‘SHITHOLE PRESIDENT’ work a few months ago — projected a number of images onto the San Francisco Federal, Building on Seventh Street last evening. To close out Pride weekend, one of them read “Abolish ICE” over a rainbow flag background.

Oddly, SF Weekly had swung by the Moscone Center hoping to catch a glimpse of another, similar action. Brown’s Last Chance, a group of climate change activists hoping to catch the attention outgoing Gov. Jerry Brown regarding California’s continuing dependence on fossil fuels, had planned a guerrilla projection at the Moscone Center. We missed them only to happen upon Resistance SF a few blocks north and west.

(Peter Lawrence Kane)

While the two people standing outside the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals with a tripod aimed across the street did not want their identities disclosed, they were candid and open, noting that SFPD tends to leave them alone — as long as they make sure not to shine bright lights in drivers’ eyes. Traffic on Seventh Street was light at 10 p.m., with no drivers honking or otherwise acknowledging the messages.

(Peter Lawrence Kane)

Among them were a political cartoon dinging Attorney General Jeff Sessions for his grotesque use of Christian theology to detain migrant children, an infographic depicting the results of last year’s GOP-led tax cut, and a reworking of the now-infamous summit meeting photograph of various world leaders to show German Chancellor Angela Merkel spoon-feeding an infantile Donald Trump some baby food.

When we brought up the ‘SHITHOLE PRESIDENT’ piece from January, they played that slide for a few seconds, just for us. (Classics never die.) That one made headlines in January, when it showed up in San Francisco, Washington, D.C., and other cities. It’s easier to stage such works in the winter, one of the activists told us, because it gets dark during rush hour and more people can see them. Regarding the “Abolish ICE” slide, she said they refrained from doing it over the weekend when the mood was much lighter and “everyone just wanted to go party at the Stud.”

There will be a similar projection this evening from 9-10 p.m., to protect the Supreme Court decision upholding the Trump administration’s ban on people from several majority-Muslim countries entering the U.S.

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