Facebook Is Quasi-Not Working

Instagram, too. It's not clear whether it's scheduled maintenance or what, but at this point, probably not.

Don’t you hate it when you try to tell your book club that your pick for the next meeting is Americanah by Chimananada Ngozi Adichie, and you find that you’re locked out of the group and that Messenger isn’t really working, either?

It’s not just you. Facebook appears to be partly down this morning, although whether it’s scheduled maintenance or a true malfunction is not yet clear. It’s been having issues since just before 9 a.m. PST, though — and so is Instagram. Is it Mercury in Retrograde, or are developers exacting their revenge on Sen. Elizabeth Warren and — gasp! — Sen. Ted Cruz for saying the tech giant should be broken up

Be patient, everybody. It’ll come back.

UPDATE: 9:43 a.m.: We were going to post this to Facebook per usual with some snarky remark about how it’s a test of the emergency broadcast system or something but yeah, that’s not happening rn, either. Mercury is definitely retching.


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