Tax March To Draw Thousands to S.F. Streets

The march is designed to ruffle Trump's feathers and demand he reveal documents on his nest egg.

Lace up a comfy pair of sneakers, raid the local Walgreens for posterboard and markers, and charge those cell phones: The Tax March is coming to San Francisco this Saturday (and the weather looks clear). The ask? That President Donald Trump release the last ten years of his tax returns, to expose any national or international conflicts of interest he may have that could compromise his leadership (sorry Rachel Maddow, but that 2005 tax return reveal was a flop). 

So far, 135 marches are scheduled to take place across 40 states in the U.S.

While the Women’s March may have been one of the largest protests San Francisco has ever seen, if everyone who RSVPed on the Facebook page for the Tax March shows up, this one won’t be far behind. As of Wednesday morning, 9,400 people have stated that they’re attending, with another 25,000 interested. Predictably, this means that traffic downtown will be snarled, buses will be full, and BART cars will resemble sardine cans.

Here’s where the whole shebang is going down:

At 1 p.m. people will begin gathering in Civic Center Plaza. By 2 p.m. a rally will be held, with speakers such as Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist David Cay Johnston and Supervisor Jane Kim. At 3 p.m. the march will travel down Market Street towards Justin Herman Plaza. 

For those who are into such things, get the selfie sticks ready: In addition to a crowd that’s sure to have some creative signs, a 30-FOOT-TALL TRUMP CHICKEN will be making an appearance. As we reported last month, Tax March organizers discovered a treasure trove in China of blow-up Trump roosters. Thanks to a GoFundMe campaign that raised nearly $2,600, the birds have been shipped from Guangdong to various tax marches across the country. Tax March organizer Danelle Morton told SF Weekly that even bigger birds were being considered, but with our spring winds, it would be unwieldy to corral a 50-foot blow-up Trump rooster. Volunteers are being recruited for the Chicken Brigade — so sign up to get up close and personal with one of the inflatable birds. 

Rain isn’t in the forecast Saturday, so hatch a plan for the day and egg on your friends to ensure 45’s relationship with corporations doesn’t run afowl of the law. 

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