The Beasts and Birds of S.F.

Everything you need to know about the creatures that slither, crawl, walk, or fly through our fair city.

We’ll be honest: We’re a bit dog-crazy over here at SF Weekly. (In fact, every day, our music editor brings in her 9-pound chihuahua Mischa. And even though she’s a bitch who won’t let anyone pet her, we love her dearly.)

So when it came time to think of our next cover story, it was a no-brainer to do something about dogs. After all, San Francisco is basically crawling with them.

But dogs are far from the only creatures inhabiting our sliver of a city, and since we’re all about being inclusive at SF Weekly, we decided to dedicate the issue not only to dogs, but to all the other animals living in our locale, including even the commonly-despised opossum.

Did you know we have multiple breeds of parrots living in our trees? Or that the population of bison in Golden Gate Park is dwindling? What about garter snakes? Did you know they used to dominate our coasts? Or that there are coyotes in some of our parks?

We also got a little fancy in this issue and highlighted some of the bougie services and gewgaws you can buy for your cat or dog, like denim overalls, custom-made food, and suites in animal hotels.

And we can’t forget about LiLou, SFO’s one and only therapy pig (whose manicure probably looks better than yours). Our writer Peter Lawrence Kane spent a day with her as she moseyed through the airport, so the next time you’re taking off for a trip, keep an eye out for the 45-pound, mottled mound of pink, who more likely than not will be wearing a tutu or angel wings.

When Pigs (Almost) Fly
A day in the life of LiLou, the first non-canine animal to be part of SFO’s Wag Brigade.

Pets Lap Up Luxury at Wag Hotels
Meanwhile, nearby homeless languish in poverty.

Hangin’ With Officer Edith
Animal Care and Control is a tough beat, but one semi-anonymous city employee’s social media accounts reveal unflagging dedication.

The Real Fancy Feast
San Francisco-founded Nom Nom Now delivers fresh, healthy meals to pups in the Bay Area and beyond.

Pimp My Pup
Yap Stores in Ghirardelli Square makes hip and comfy threads for dogs.

Animal Facts: The Birds, Beasts, and Snakes of San Francisco
Because humans aren’t the only creatures living in the Bay Area.

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