VIDEO: Guerrilla Activists INDECLINE Create Anti-ICE Billboard

The lefty pranksters got a little creative in Emeryville to protest America's fascist child-snatching.

Although the Trump administration may have suspended its practice of kidnapping children at the border and placing them in metal cages, Americans are rightfully skeptical that fascism is on the wane. The guerrilla artist-activists at INDECLINE aren’t taking a passive approach. In Emeryville last night, they took a 1-800-GOT-JUNK billboard and made some textural adjustments so that it “We make junk disappear” not reads “We make kids disappear.”

Make Kids Disappear – I.C.E. from Indecline on Vimeo.

The one-minute video shows two people working under cover fo darkness over I-80 as trucks roar by below. INDECLINE has taken provocative approaches to pressing social issues in the past. In August 2016, they installed a statue of a naked Donald Trump with deliberately tiny genitalia in the Castro — and in several other U.S. cities. An emperor-has-no-clothes moment, it was certainly intended to mock a man with a huge ego and an obsession with equating penis size and toughness, although more than a few people regarded the statue as transphobic.

Today’s action is considerably less juvenile, reappropriating a surprised baby’s face as a shriek of horror. And while the government has vowed to keep detained families together, there are still hundreds if not thousands of children who may never see their birth parents again.

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