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As of 2020, the demand for essay writing services increased by 30% with 5 essay writing websites receiving 67% of all customers.  Magnolia Media recently conducted an investigation into the top 5 essay writing websites, an initial pool of 27 popular essay writing websites were assessed using four catalysts: price, quality, delivery time, and company ethics. From these 5, the websites with the highest scores were selected, the results are what we have published below.


As of 2020, the demand for essay writing services increased by 30% with those top essay writing websites getting at least 60-67% of more patronage.

Top Essay Writing Services Reviewed Include:

  1. 99papers – Best for Quality
  2. Grademiners – Best for Quick Turnaround Times
  3. Essaybox – Best Money Back Guarantee
  4. Essay Factory – Most Popular in UK and Australia
  5. Paperhelp

Continue reading below for individual reviews of each of these websites.

#1 – 99papers – Best for Quality

This is the most ethical essay writing websites on the list. With a 5% discount on first orders coupled with the lowest pricing rate one doesn’t have a reason to look else where. This platform is designed to assist students in their academic tasks especially as it relates to essay. While on the site, prospective clients can calculate the cost of their proposed jobs before finally placing an order. The rest of their services include Essay Writing, Research Papers, Dissertation Writing, and Citations. It will be fair to add that this website had the most recommended from research, as matter of fact 85% said they will love to work with them again.

N.B.: The minimum pricing rate is at $8.97.


• Free Inquiry

• Job Counters

• In-sight job Calculator

#2 – Grademiners – Best for Quick Turnaround Times

They are the fastest online essay writing website, and probably the oldest on our list, with over ten years experience in the writing business. From our various interviews, this website can deliver jobs the same day as it was given regardless of the size. Grademiners offer services ranging from proofreading, PowerPoint Presentation, Math Problems, Lab Report, Resume Writing, Writing, editing, e.t.c. Their in-site Calculator makes it easier for prospective clients to calculate their proposed cost before placing their orders. The company has one of the most significant numbers of essay writers compared to other companies listed here. The 5% discount on first orders, and 15% in the bonus offer.

N. B: The minimum pricing is £10.8


• 24/7 email, phone, and chats service support

• 100% Money back guarantee

• In-sight Calculator

• Money Back Guarantee

#3 – Essaybox – Best Money Back Guarantee

They are famous for providing quality essay writing services worldwide with special concentration on (college) students. Their services range from the personal statement, admission essays, school thesis, research papers, term papers, e.t.c. The company currently works with over 1800 writers world, and are popular because of their quality content delivery. Though they change writers from time to time, probably because of their preference for short contracts with freelancers working for them. Their services are still top-notch, and well appraised by those students who had once patronized their services. Again, their prices are moderate, coupled with the “%5 back in bonus” offer that made them even more attractive.

N.B.: The minimum pricing is $11.40


• Free Inquiry

• In-site order Calculator

• Money-Back Guarantee

#4 – Essay Factory – Most Popular in UK and Australia

This platform is the most ethical among its counterparts, they have strict compliance with deadlines and responds to any form of modification when needed. It has grown to become a major force in essay writing service niche. This company is the best writing services in the United Kingdom; more reason it has gotten most of its clients from that region. It was once named among one of the best essay writing service 2018 and has continued to serve both students and job seekers most conveniently and affordably. The company has its writers segmented, covering different niches, and their customer service section is one of the most responsive.

N.B.: minimum pricing rate is at $10.95


• In-site order Calculator

• 24/7 phone, email, and chat support

• Samples: to have an idea of what to expect in your job.

• Free Enquiry Section.

#5 – Paperhelp

This particular essay writing websites calls for caution, though there services are great but their unprofessionalism is out-performed their ethics, which is why we really need to look out for them. This would have been one of the best essay writing service website, but we understand they have some questionable attributes that has something to do with inserting hidden charges. So with this dubious and unprofessional attitude by this website, we urge you to stay away from their services as your safety is not guaranteed. Their services include Paraphrasing and Rewriting, Essay Writing Service, Essay and Writing Service, and Editing/Proofreading, Coursework Help, Term Paper Help, and Research Paper Writing Service.

N.B.: The minimum pricing is $12.


• In-site order Calculator

• Track the Progress

• 24/7 Support Centre

How we Tested Each Essay Website

We at Magnolia Media have many software tools in our procession, each serving different purposes. We analyzed both the traffic strength and customer complaints, which has been used as a catalyst for grading them. Other factors we abducted in arriving at the best essay websites is an online Vox Popli, where we had conducted a review using some major social media groups.

We also deploy the Buzzmo software, which helped pick up “mentions” on social media; that way, we were able to assess the contents of those mentions and know their reactions on each writing website. As for the prices, we used the price displayed on their website but went ahead to run a confirmation assessment using our online population using the interview method.

The Most Legitimate Essay Writing Services

After some assessment on the most legitimate essay writing websites, we came out with two most legitimate websites: 99papers and Grademiners.



This platform is designed with the most natural user interface; from assessment, it can be used by a 9-year-old. On a second note, it has the highest recommendation from students and individuals who have tried out their services.


Their company-client confidentiality is very active, and their timely delivery coupled with their tradition of developing only original content is something very commendable. Secondly, their writers hold different academic qualifications from degrees, masters, PhDs, including 35+ other certifications.

Which Essay Writing Sites were Best for the UK

According to our responders, Essayfactory is said to be the best Essay Writing Sites for UK and Australian citizens. This we understand is because most of their writers and clients are English. So the clients always prefer their jobs done using UK English. But this does not mean that they do not have clients elsewhere, but we are meant to understand that there are just fragments of non-UK clients scattered around the world.

How Essay Writing Sites Should be Used

First, users must understand that these platforms are designed to help students with their school tasks, and not to give them reasons to get academically lazy. So, prospective clients are expected to see it as an “Academic Assistance” and not an excuse to boycott classwork. Users should also be on the lookout for cloned Essay Writing websites, which is usually put up by scammers to extract visitors’ credit card information. Always make use of the available Calculator on the website to have a prior knowledge of what the cost will look like, weigh your budget, then decide on the best way to place your order.

After you must have received your content from any of the essay websites, we advise that the user make it go through a plagiarism checker. During our study, we have come to understand that many essay writing sites either make use of poor plagiarism checker or do not use any hence, increasing the risk of delivering a plagiarism-ridden content. Individuals are also advised to have a premium spell checker handy. This is because some of these writers working with these websites are not native English speakers. Therefore the tendency of encountering incorrect English sentences is high.

The Future of the Essay Writing Service Industry

The Essay writing service industry, no doubt, have got one of the brightest future in the online business sphere. Statistically, the U.K. sector of this industry recorded an estimated 16,000 assignments as of 2019. From our Vox popli, an average academic freelance writer working with an online essay writing service earns not less than £2000 in a month. Considering the current market size and the growing popularity of this industry, this industry will soon rank alongside online freelancing platforms like Fiverr, Freelancer, Indeed, Upwork, e.t.c.

Steven, a freelance academic writer with a popular essay writing in the course of an interactive section, disclosed he has done over 4000 assignments, which includes an academic thesis, research projects, e.t.c, and earns over £50,000 annually. Though Steven has quit, he has made us believe that there are more jobs (with reasonable price tags) to do now than 7-8 years ago. And by the way, Steve spent ten years in the industry. With this little analysis, there is no doubt the essay writing industry has got a huge prospect, and top essay writers with these websites are having a free day leveraging from this growing market. As far as the ethics are preserved, the feature is much brighter, especially for 99papers and Grademiners who are making a mark in the industry.


Finally, the world as we know it is fast-changing, and the education sector is not left out. It only takes a pearl of wisdom to comprehend the direction at which the world is going, but takes smartness to leverage those opportunities modern innovations have brought us.