We don’t need to remind you that sufficient amounts of sleep is critical to your overall health and wellbeing. Even what seems to be negligible sleep deficiencies can have a profound impact on your ability to remain focused and clear-headed the following day. 

Over the long-term, sleep deprivation can lead to problems with blood pressure, blood sugar, and immune function. 

In a world where we’re surrounded by stress, insomnia has become a common problem. 

While some reach for a bottle of prescription sleeping pills, many are wary about the side effects of these medications and opt for more natural supplements instead. 

One of the most popular natural sleep supplements available today is CBD oils — which have been shown to reduce anxiety and improve both the quality and duration of our nightly rest. 

Here, we’ll discuss some of the best CBD oils for supporting sleep on the market. We’ll cover what we like about each brand, and mention a few points to be aware of before you make your order. 

Let’s get started. 

Best CBD Oils For Sleep

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What We Like About Royal CBD

Royal CBD is an American CBD brand operating out of California — a state with strong cannabis culture and plenty of skilled organic hemp farmers. 

The founders started the company with the goal of offering the American public a source of CBD oil they could rely on. It was born out of frustration surrounding all the really poor-quality products on the unregulated CBD market.

Some recent studies have shown that the majority of CBD products on store shelves contain less than half the amount of CBD advertised on the bottle. Some have an even grimmer outlook after scientists discovered some of these products even contained contaminants like lead or cadmium — which can damage the nervous system and cause lasting memory problems. Additionally, some contaminants can even make it harder to fall asleep — directly contradicting the entire reason to use these products at all.

In order to provide the utmost transparency of its products, Royal CBD sent a sample of each batch to an unbiased, independent lab for testing. If there are heavy metals contaminants, pesticides, or residual solvents in the sample, it will be reported on the test. 

We highly recommend this brand if you’re looking for a well-established CBD manufacturer with a good track record and plenty of reputable reviews from popular cannabis publications.

This oil comes in multiple different strengths — from 250 mg per bottle, all the way to 2500 mg.  The most popular strength is the 1000 mg bottle. 

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What We Like About Gold Bee

In opposition to the brand listed above, Gold Bee is a very small company that operates on small batch sizes, and limited order runs. 

The company started in Delaware but sources most of its hemp from organic hemp farms in California (where many of the best growers in the country are situated). 

Gold Bee products have exceptional quality — but don’t cost an arm and a leg. We’d even consider this company to offer the best cost to potency ratio on the list.

The small-batch quantities the company employs to make this CBD oil means they have complete control over the entire extraction process — which can dramatically help improve the terpene ratios, cannabinoid profiles, and overall quality of the oil. 

The only problem is that the small batch sizes also affect the amount of oil available on the market from this particular company. In the brand home state of Delaware, there are already waiting lists for people to get their hands on this award-winning CBD oil

We’re told the company aims to ramp up production in the next couple of months to keep up with demand but opening several more micro-batch production facilities around the state. 

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What We Like About Hemp Bombs

Hemp Bombs is one of the most trusted names in the hemp industry — serving millions of customers around the world with their extensive lineup of hemp oils, gummies, topicals, and e-liquids. 

The company doesn’t make full-spectrum hemp extracts like Royal CBD or Gold Bee — but instead focuses on making THC-free isolate and broad-spectrum oils. 

While there are obvious benefits to removing the THC from the oil — some experts suggest including small amounts of THC (less than 0.3%) can actually improve the sleep-supportive effects of the oil. 

However, many people prefer using oils that have had every trace of this psychoactive cannabinoid removed from the final product. Even small amounts of THC could result in a failed drug test even if the concentrations are so low it doesn’t cause any psychoactive side-effects. Others are simply too sensitive to THC and prefer a pure CBD isolate.

Hemp Bombs CBD oils come in the largest range of potencies on the list — ranging all the way from 150 mg of CBD per bottle to an incredible 4000 mg — and everything in between. 

Additionally, Hemp Bombs offers a variety of interesting flavors to help mask the undesirable flavor of hemp oil. There really is something for everybody when it comes to this brand. 

Final Thoughts: Best CBD Oil For Sleep

Sleep is very important to our health and wellbeing. While most adults need about 8 or 9 hours of sleep per night, the average American gets about 6 or 7 hours each night. Even one or two hours less sleep can have a dramatic impact on our concentration, memory, and stress levels during the day. 

While there are plenty of prescription options to help with sleep — it pays to go natural. 

Natural health supplements like CBD can be used to support mild difficulty sleeping without all the negative side effects. 

It’s important to choose a CBD oil from a reputable brand that tests their products in an independent, unbiased lab. Too many CBD companies out there are using misleading information to sell their products — making unsubstantiated claims, and advertising CBD concentrations that are much higher than what’s actually in the bottle. 

In order to save you time and effort, we recommend you start by checking out popular companies with a proven track record such as Royal CBD, Gold Bee, or Hemp Bombs.

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