SF Weekly- Lewis Raymond Taylor (1)

Disruptors in any industry deserve attention. They are there to show the world that it is possible to be different, to approach things in new ways, and to still achieve exceptional results. Lewis Raymond Taylor, CEO of The Coaching Masters, a multiple 7-figure online academy, is no exception. He is a disruptor in the coaching industry and must not be ignored.

Disruptors are different

After overcoming substance misuse, trauma, debt, mental illness, sexual abuse, and serving three prison sentences, Lewis has gone on to use his experiences to support thousands of people from around the world to create a better life for themselves.

Lewis recognizes the power in sharing the details of his story. He will be the first to explain how he used to try to fix his internal problems with external solutions which landed him behind bars. During his third prison sentence at the age of 24, he made the bold decision to start taking responsibility for his life and do the internal work on himself in order to turn his life around. Fueled by his mission to support others in transforming their lives, he now encourages others to turn their adversities into assets by being a walking, talking example that it is possible to overcome obstacles in life and create a life of freedom.

Through The Coaching Masters, Lewis is training a new-age breed of coach who is younger, sharper, more powerful, and more impactful. Coaching Masters (coaches trained by The Coaching Masters) are different than many in the industry in the way they leverage their stories, live unapologetically, and are truly making an impact on the world.

Disruptors approach things in new ways

Lewis’ disruption to the coaching industry doesn’t stop there. His approach to training, supporting, and guiding this new-age breed of coach is unlike anything else on the market. Before The Coaching Masters, there wasn’t a company that provided an end-to-end solution, at a price that anybody could afford, like that of their low-cost membership. Known as ‘The Netflix of Coaching’, they provide ordinary people with absolutely everything a coach would ever want and need to become a coach and build their business online.

“The fact that our entire solution is offered online is unique.” Lewis Raymond Taylor.

The training to become a coach, the guidance on the business strategy behind client acquisition, and the actual coaching process is all done remotely. This approach makes it possible to help thousands of people create freedom by building an online business that genuinely makes an impact in the world.

Disruptors achieve exceptional results

Within 5 years of his release from prison, Lewis has become an international speaker, 7 figure entrepreneur, senior accredited trainer, community leader, and was even ranked by Yahoo Finance as one of the top coaches in the world helping people thrive during the pandemic.

His business, The Coaching Masters, is actively serving thousands of people across the globe by providing ordinary people with extraordinary tools to create freedom for themselves and others.

And most importantly, Lewis has truly created a life of freedom for himself. He has leveraged the power of coaching and personal development to cure his mental illness, get clean and sober, and to become a happy, healthy human.

By disrupting the norm, Lewis and The Coaching Masters have made a name for themselves. This new-age breed of coach is showing up loud, proud, real, and ready to help others create a life of freedom for themselves.