The online world has become a social haven for many, with most people preferring to meet people on the internet rather than in person. While it’s an interesting space that the world has drifted into, it’s also one that comes with security risks.

Scammers, catfishes, kidnappers, and stalkers live in this virtual space, and it may be hard to identify them sometimes. Hence the need for background check tools.

In this post, we share how you can use free people search, specifically Real People Search, to get a person’s or business’s background information you want to know. 

Do You Know Anything About Real People Search?


People can use a variety of search tools and programs for either personal or professional objectives. Real People Search is one of those tools. You can use it to identify commercial fraud, uncover imposters who deceive others, identify people you know, etc. 

This tool helps you access basic data, including contact details, arrest and criminal histories, potential pictures, and social network profiles.

To begin your search, you'll need to input the person's first and last name in the search bar. Sometimes, however, all you need is their phone number, email, or physical address. The tool will then list the details you’re searching for alongside any pertinent information that is accessible.

Real People Search is linked to numerous public records and databases that contain much information about the person in question. For this reason, the chances that the search results contain any erroneous or incorrectly interpreted information are slim.

Real People Search will help you get a bunch of  information including but not limited to the followings:

  • Full name of your target person

  • Their current and past addresses

  • Age and date of birth

  • Friends, relatives, etc

  • Court records if any

  • Criminal records if any

So in case you want to trace someone from the past, look into potential business partners, know about your neighbors or research your details, Real People Search is the tool for you.

Why Do You Need To Perform A People Search?

People tend to search for others for many reasons. Here are some major ones.

1. Trace Acquaintances From The Past

Do you have relatives or friends that have moved to other places or resided overseas but have been out of contact with you recently? Or someone you went to school with and have since lost touch with? 

You can find people using their names by using the Real People Search platform. Reconnecting back with them would not be as difficult once you have access to all their relevant details.

2. Look Into New People You Meet

Meeting new people professionally or socially can be both unnerving and exciting at the same time. However, you should always be cautious while interacting with strangers you meet or want to be professionally involved with. 

Besides measures like meeting in public places, you can go a step further and do a background check on them. Use Real People Search to investigate vital information regarding their lives to learn more about them.

3. Investigate Your Neighborhood

It's okay to take precautions to ensure the safety and well-being of your family and yourself, especially when you relocate to a new region. Being aware of your surroundings is part of it and it includes knowing who your neighbors are.  

You can get a full report about your new neighbors with their contacts, social media profiles, and criminal histories on Real People Search.

4. Research Yourself

This may sound odd but sometimes you may want to know the information about you that people can access publicly. Using a people search tool can help you with this.

How To Do A Free People Search At Real People Search Platform?

You can conduct different searches on this free people search website, including a name search, phone number lookup, email lookup, and address lookup.

The search process is mostly similar for all the above search types. It’s also straightforward. Here’s all you need to know.


1. Type In The Known Details

Here, you’ll provide the details that you have in their respective search boxes. This could be a phone number, a name, an email address, or a physical address. You can add a single piece of detail, or more if you have the information.

Once you type in these details into your search box, hit the search prompt and wait for the platform to perform the search. 

2. Filter The Returning Results

The program will access all the records associated with your entered details after processing them. You can get several results, from which you can filter to reach a particular profile.

3. Get A Report

The system produces a final report that includes vital details about your searching target. Then, select "View My Report," and you'll be ready to download and examine the report.

Are The Data Collected By Real People Search Authentic? 

To answer this question, we need to know where Real People Search gets its information from. First, this site gets its information from legal sources, so you can be sure you’re not performing any illegal activities.

Second, these sources are reliable. This makes the information you obtain from this free people search tool authentic. Here is a list of sources that feed this tool’s database:

  • Public records: This includes publicly available information from sources such as state, federal, and county databases.

  • Public social media profiles: Real People Search goes through publicly visible social media profiles for all potential relevant information.

  • Mailing lists and phone directories: Some mailing lists and phone directory records are publicly available, so they are among Real People Search's sources. 

  • Criminal records: These include local court records, lawsuit filings, and FBI criminal records.

This tool also constantly updates tits databases to ensure that the information you get is accurate and up to date. Additionally, this tool also employs the use of different algorithms that make sure that every search is accurate. It scours through all the information stored thoroughly to match everything relevant.

All these factors ensure that the information you gather at the end of it all is authentic and accurate.



What Other Services Can You Enjoy With Real People Search? 

Here’s what you can use this tool for.

1. Background Check 

It's completely natural to be concerned for your family and your safety when moving into a new location. With Real People Search, you can benefit from the background check service in this situation.

The tool performs background checks on residents of your neighborhood giving a report that contains information about each person's full name, family, age, criminal history, pictures, relationships, and social media accounts.

2. Email Lookup 

This service will assist you in obtaining the genuine name, contact details, and aliases of a person who uses an email address that is extremely obscure or confusing so that you can determine who they are.

Easily and quickly find out who sent you an email through Real People Search's email lookup. Check to see if it is spam or someone you know.

3. Reverse Phone Lookup

This service is for you if you're trying to find the details associated with an unknown phone number. This service provides you with information on the owner's name as well as where they currently reside, when they last lived elsewhere, who they are currently living with, and so on. This tool can also help you avoid telemarketing fraud, harassment, and scams.

4. Address Lookup

To find out if a person has ever been connected to any property you can use Real People Search address lookup service. As long as you have the address of the person you are curious about, you can discover their neighbors, email addresses, and other details.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the service provided by Real People Search legal?

The information you get from Real People Search is legal. The Freedom of Information Act entitles the public to access a copy of criminal records. Police records are also public and are freely accessible.

However, public records are controlled by the Fair Credit Reporting Act. And according to them, Real People Search is not considered a consumer reporting agency. This means that you cannot use the data from this tool for employment purposes.

2. Can I find people with very little information on Real People Search?

Real People Search offers different search options depending on the information you have. So, to begin your search, you don’t need that much information. You can find people with as little information as just a phone number, name, email address, or physical address.

It’s important to note, however, that the more information you have the more specific your search will be. Having less information may get you generic reports and you’d have to filter through to find relatable information yourself.


Real People Search helps you get background information about your target, helping you know who you’re dealing with in advance. This ensures your safety both physically where you live and online as you interact with people on the internet. Have a try to use this platform if you are interested.