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The trucking industry plays a major role in driving the economy of the US in a positive direction. The trucking industry is responsible for transporting essential goods all around the US.

Every coin has two sides, and sadly the other side of this coin is not so pretty.

Yes, trucks are responsible for the US economy, but it is also responsible for the rise of fatal accidents all over the US. As with the increase in the number of trucks, truck accidents also increased naturally.

The problem is a truck accident is not the same as other accidents because of the difference in size.

Most Americans drive a Sedan.

Imagine Shaq runs as fast as he can and rams Kevin Hart. Do you pity Kevin Hart? Well, Kevin Hart is you. Getting rammed by a truck when you are inside a sedan is the same as Kevin Hart getting rammed by Shaq.

Is the rise of trucks the only reason for the rise in fatal accidents?

A hard no.

Other factors influence accident numbers in the US. The way I see it, there is one big reason for all these truck accidents we are dealing with.

The greed of the trucking companies.

Obviously, trucking companies don’t have their best interest towards safety when they are operating. Honestly, they don’t have anything other than making a profit on their head.

I mean, there is nothing wrong with trying to make a profit; that is why you have a business. But endangering people to make a profit is not the right thing to do.

The Things Trucking Companies Do for Profit

Yes, yes, Game of Thrones reference. But trucking does do a lot of questionable things to make a profit.

Trucking companies go out of their way to make a profit. We usually blame the truck driver for any truck accidents that we see. But is it really the driver’s fault? Sometimes, yes. But most of the time, no.

The trucking company should be held liable for every single accident.

Improper Hiring

Hiring the best person for the job is important in any job. When it comes to a driving job, it is more important. An incompetent driver is not only bad at the job but also a threat to other drivers.

Driving a truck in the Euro truck simulator itself requires skill. Driving a truck is not easy. Sometimes, when the trucking company needs drivers, they will hire anyone who can drive.

Hiring a person without a proper background check is probably not a good idea. Because without background checks, it is possible to hire a drug addict. Now, imagine a drug addict driving a truck. If that does happen, I will not blame the driver for any accidents they do. Instead, it is the trucking company that should be held liable.

Improper Truck Maintenance

Defective truck parts are the leading cause of truck accidents. Driving a truck is hard enough. Driving a truck with a defective part in it is impossible.

A truck is an enormous vehicle. A small error in judgment could result in catastrophic accidents. That is why the truck should be maintained properly at all times.

That doesn’t always happen, does it? Trucking companies fail to maintain the trucks properly because they want to send the trucks out for deliveries as much as they can.

Imagine a driver driving a truck that doesn’t have a proper tire, malfunctioning steering wheel, or bad brakes. How can they prevent accidents?

These negligent trucking companies are endangering the lives of truck drivers and common people—all for making a profit.

Violation of Rules

Truck drivers have a different set of rules compared to other drivers. They have hours of service rules that they need to follow. Only by following them can they stay vigilant on the job.

But guess what?

Yep, trucking companies force the drivers to violate these rules to get to the destination sooner. So they can make more trips. And by simple mathematics, we can conclude that more trips equal more money.

Truck drivers need to stay vigilant when they are on the job. But driving crazy hours makes them exhausted, and tired drivers are a threat to everyone. You can’t expect them to react quickly to oncoming traffic as they normally would do.

What You Can Do

So, as citizens of America, we all bear the responsibility for stopping this. A nationwide problem is not going to solve unless we are going to solve it.

The people of America have one superpower that they often don’t use.


Do not underestimate the power of personal injury law. This is the only way we have to solve this problem.

Many personal injury attorneys are working for the greater good. Swenson & Shelley truck accident attorneys are a great example since they have been helping truck accident victims for a long time.

If you or anyone you know got involved in a truck accident, report it to the authorities. You will incur a lot of losses due to the truck accident. You can get compensation for all these losses with the help of truck accident attorneys.

The liable trucking company will lose a lot of money because of the lawsuit you file. Making them lose money is the only way you can hurt them.

We need to hold the trucking companies accountable and make them answer for every single accident.

Final Thoughts

Truck accidents are a nationwide problem. To stop this, we all must work together. Going through the law is what we need to do. Do not shy away from filing a lawsuit when you get hit by a truck.

With the help of the law and lawyers, slowly but surely, we can put an end to this problem. Hope you have a different view on truck accidents after reading this blog. Next time when you see a truck accident, don’t just blame the driver. Next time, do the right thing.