Parking Permit Enforcement Resumes

Prepare to move your car every two hours, or pony up for a permit.

Beware the covered tricycles. Regulations requiring neighborhood-specific parking permits — suspended back in March on account of the coronavirus — are back in San Francisco.

Parking enforcement officers will begin ticketing cars without the appropriate permits in neighborhoods across the city today. The new regulations come the same day as many more businesses, including gyms, salons, and massage parlors, are permitted to reopen indoors. 

Most residential parking permit areas require non-permit holders to move their car every two hours during the day, although regulations vary by permit zone. You can find the specific regulations for your neighborhood using Muni’s interactive map. Vehicles with a disability placard or license plate are exempt from the restrictions. 

(Photo: SFMTA)

The permits are designed to ensure parking availability in popular commercial areas and neighborhoods close to Muni and BART stations. Permits are available to neighborhood residents, business owners, medical and child caregivers, teachers, students, and other specific groups.

Permits cost $144 per year, which, as one Twitter user pointed out, is about seven times cheaper than a year’s worth of monthly Muni passes.

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