Wednesday 11: Horsies!

Plus Trick Dog and Hi Tops have election-night specials, the Sonoma Extra Virgin Festival is this weekend, and California is the 44th-most-overweight state.

Just Get the Election Over With Already at These Places

Can you name North Carolina’s embattled Republican senator? Good! Hi Tops (2247 Market) will incorporate the returns into their regular Tuesday trivia night, with happy hour specials ($4 well drinks, $3-off pints, and $5-off pitchers) until 7 p.m.

Did you write-in a vote for the Meteor? Chill out at Trick Dog (3010 20th St.)  from 3 p.m. until closing, as they serve a free Curacao-based blue shot or a pineapple-infused-Campari-based red shot to anybody who trades in their “I Voted” sticker. The Trick Dog clown may recite a barnburner, and as each state is called, there will be red and blue drink specials.

A Bar Called Horsies Opens Inside Royal Cuckoo Market

Eater reports that the Royal Cuckoo Market (3368 19th St.) — which is affiliated with, but not the same as, the Royal Cuckoo bar at 3302 Mission — now has a bar of its own, and it’s called Horsies, playing on the formal name of the parent company, Horsens LLC. It’s small and largely equine-themed, with goofy drinks like the Pony Express (a double shot of espresso, an Underberg, and a “cuckoo” whip). Better still (for lushes, anyway), it’s got the same hours as the market, so it’s up and running at 8 a.m. on a Tuesday.

Anchor Brewing’s Christmas Ale Is Out

And it’s got a “malty backbone.” The exact formulation of Anchor Christmas Ale is kept under lock and key in an alternate dimension, but it’s different every year — as is the label. This year, the 42nd in a row, promises a 6.5 percent ABV ale with wintry spices, roasted caramel notes, and a nose of molasses and freshly hewn logs. You can get it by the six-pack or on draft at various places around town, but only through mid-January and then never again.

The First Sonoma Extra Virgin Festival Is This Weekend

Olive oil is the stuff of life, no doubt, so B.R. Cohn Winery (15000 Sonoma Hwy., Glen Ellen) and its 160-year-old trees are celebrating at the Sonoma Extra Virgin Festival this Saturday and Sunday, Nov. 5-6. There will be a blessing of the olives, along with food and wine vendors, live music, and lots of producers and cookbook authors milling about.

Tech + Beer = BrewPublik

The Business Times reports that there’s a new craft beer delivery service in the area called BrewPublik, and it uses a proprietary “beergorithm.” For $20 plus tax every month, you get six bottles of beer based on your personal preferences, choosing from over 3,500. In other news, Optimizely is still the ungainliest tech word ever coined, but beergorithm is pretty close.

Manresa Bread Will Go National on Nov. 22

In case you want to mail some pumpernickel buckwheat rye to grandma, you can do so in less than three weeks, along with the pullman loaf, whole wheat, fruit & nut loaf, and the Manresa levain. Manresa Bread is already taking orders, and you can ship up to four loaves.

Former Haight Optometrist Will Become a Hot Dog Joint

Although Hoodline reminds us not to get too excited, since the permitting saga resembles a 40-year exodus through the desert, the long-vacant Hyperoptics space at 1463 Haight St. is slated to become Haight Street Hot Dogs. Eventually.

MIT Develops Bomb-Sniffing Spinach

Because plants are naturally attuned to the chemicals in their immediate environment, researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have created spinach with carbon nanotubes in it that can help identify the odors emitted by landmines and explosives, and possibly detect pollution, too. Salon reports that “nitroaromatics” involves an infrared camera attached to sensors in the nanotubes that pick up chemical signatures.

Congrats, California, You’re the Eighth-Fittest State

Or the 44th least overweight out of 51, anyway, according to WalletHub. Stay Golden, baby!

McDonald’s Settles Wage-Theft Class-Action Suit for $3.75 Million

While Bay Area activists wrested a big fat pillowcase marked with a dollar sign straight from the Hamburglar’s clutches, McDonald’s forked over the cash to thwarts a potentially more expensive judgment against the company (and a precedent for going after other fast-food companies that underpay their low-wage staff). According to Salon, McDonald’s maintains that its franchisees are the ones liable, but likely paid up in the hopes of fighting this battle at some future date under a friendlier National Labor Relations Board comprised of Republican appointees.

Starbucks Launches Green Cup; Far-Right Flips Lid

Remember the time-honored sub-section of the War on Christmas, wherein extremely upset people rally against Starbucks cups for their insufficient worshipfulness of Baby Jesus? Last year, it was the red cup thing. This year, it’s a green cup, which stands for eco-terrorism or maybe Islam, and definitely not peace and unity as intended, that’s for sure.

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